Newly Rebellious?

Welcome, traveler!  Are you new to the world of cocktails?  Are you a bit of a perfectionist, wanting to make certain that you have a thorough grounding in your new venture?  Are you lost in a vast tangle of contradictory information, trying desperately to find one end or the other, anything that might indicate where to start?

Rest assured, the Rebel Bartender has been where you are.  While the haphazard, self-educated approach encourages spontaneity and experimentation, it also can make it tough to figure out where the baseline is (and, therefore, what qualifies as a variant, or what qualifies simply as a Bad Idea).  With this in mind, the Bartender has written a series of articles for the newly rebellious; that is, for people who are poking around at this whole drink-mixing idea but unsure where to begin.  It’s far from comprehensive – learning is a continual process, which is good, as otherwise there’d be no blog – but at the very least, it should provide a useful, accessible foundation, and allow the newbie a little more confidence in their hobby.

Foreword:  The Bartender’s Burden

Part I:  Knowing Your Ingredients

Part II:  Tools of the Trade

Part III:  Maybe You Need Some Glasses?

Part IV:  Let’s Get Technical

Part V:  Knowing Your Classics

Part VI:  Finding, Recreating, and Inventing Recipes

Part VII:  Proudly Presenting…

And if you still have questions when you’re through with this, send them in!  They may inspire a whole new article.

  1. Yay for a broadcast schedule! Now I know when my favorite topics will be discussed!

    • This is for The Beginners’ Guide alone; chances are there will be other posts (recipes, reviews, what have you) a couple of times during the week. If I get enough interest I’d like to extend the Saturday update schedule with a cocktail-advice feature once the Guide is finished.

  2. Well then, thank the gods for an RSS feed. (:

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