The Bartender

Ambrosia Rose, the Rebel Bartender, does not live in a formerly-Confederate state, nor on the forest moon of Endor (although she once lived in an area that bore a close resemblance to Hoth for much of the year).  Her rebellion is of a more mundane sort:  specifically, that her bartending knowledge is derived entirely from self-education, consisting of quite a bit of trial and error, a bit of reading here and there and many a movie night where she could try her concoctions on unsuspecting friends.

When not blogging here or at her personal journal, Ms. Rose spends her time reading a wide variety of novels, working in various secretarial and sales capacities, and occasionally writing a story or two.  She lives in southern Arizona with the Rebel Spouse and their two cats, all of whom regard her hobby with tolerant amusement.

The Rebel Bartender’s mother does not approve of her hobby, but is glad she’s “doing something productive with it, at least.” Ms. Rose refrains from pointing out that her mother’s indiscriminate ban on alcohol is likely the biggest reason she became interested in it in the first place.

Unless otherwise stated, all photography on this blog is by Ambrosia Rose and Brian Adamson.  All rights reserved, but if you want to use a photo, drop us a line – we’ll be happy to work something out!

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