Review: Ketel One Oranje

Back when the Rebel Bartender was a teenager growing up with a teetotaling mother, her few experiences with alcohol came entirely from what she could filch from the kitchen.  Teetotaler her mother may have been, but she was also a fine cook, and a moral stance against alcohol was no reason to compromise the quality of a bourbon cake with imitation spirits (hello, Jim Beam!). And of those experiences, the one that stands out most vividly was trying pure orange extract – largely because the stuff was nearly 80% alcohol (hello, scalded sinuses!).

Ketel One Oranje reminds the Bartender quite a bit of that experience, although fortunately without the deleterious effects on mucous membranes.  The nose is almost completely sweet orange, with a bit of alcohol vapor in the back of the throat; the taste is an odd but pleasant sweet-bitter combination of orange juice and orange peel.  And really, that’s all there is to it.

It may come as a surprise to the newly rebellious, but orange is a tricky flavor in mixology.  Straight orange juice tends to overpower everything else in the drink with some alacrity – there’s a reason you rarely see it outside of screwdrivers.  Triple sec, on the other hand, is usually used as an accent, and therefore tends to be fairly weak.  Ketel One Oranje, whatever it lacks in complexity, does fill that middle ground nicely – you can use it to add a distinct orange note without steamrollering the other flavors.  And if you happen to be making chocolate-chip cookies or a buttercream frosting, might the Bartender recommend tossing an ounce or two of this in the mix?  A-

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  1. Cyrano Jones

    I remember as a young gentleman having friends tell me about being desperate enough to get their hands on alcohol that they drank mouthwash, or vanilla extract, or some such obscure source of intoxicant. It’s good to know that you also had a creative youth. (:
    And now I want buttercream frosting. Or, no, cream cheese frosting.

  2. Heaven help the naive Mother who not only doesn’t drink but makes Whisky-pecan cake only at Christmas. It never even occurred to me that my teenage offspring would have the slightest interest in that bottle of Jim Beam in the back of the baking cupboard!!! Let alone my precious, wonderful ORANGE EXTRACT!! (Recipe for Orange-flavored chocolate chip cookies with light and dark chocolate available on request.) Well, at least the Rebel Bartender had the good grace not to tell me about it for a decade . . . Love to all from the Rebel Mum

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