Recipe: Mango Daiquiri

A friend of the Bartender’s once commented that the joy of food-for-food’s-sake seems to rapidly be getting drowned out in the rush to find food-that-is-also-medicine; to wit, the hypermarketing of pomegranate, açaí, and various other foods as “superfoods”.  The corresponding ridiculousness of many associated claims notwithstanding (cherry 7up is healthy now because it has antioxidants?  Really?), the Bartender figures that any excuse to consume fruit-and-ice based drinks in the middle of the hottest part of the summer is a good one.  And mangos are supposed to be super-healthy, right?

Daiquiris, in addition to being delicious and cold, also provide some fun opportunities for experimentation.  White rum is the classic choice, but the flavor of spiced rum actually compliments mangoes fairly well.  You can also vary the amount of fruit, depending on how thick you want it, and the amount of syrup – if you have especially-ripe mangoes, for instance, you may want to use less.

One last point of note:  for people unused to them, mangos can be a bit tricky to cut up.  The Bartender and the scar on her left index finger recommend especial care with the first few – the juice will rapidly make everything slippery.

Mango Daiquiri (makes 2 drinks)

2 medium ripe mangoes
3 ounces rum (white or spiced, depending on the flavor you want)
1 ounce triple sec
2 ounces syrup
Juice of 1/2 lime
2 cups ice

Blend ingredients together, adjusting syrup to taste.  Pour into two frosted hurricane glasses; garnish with a mint sprig, a paper umbrella, and a straw.

About Ambrosia Rose

Professional drinker, blogger, storyteller, and critic. With a healthy dollop of sarcastic wit on the side.

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  1. Who was it that said the food-as-medicine thing? He must be a genius.

  2. Wow. There’s two whole mangos in that glass?
    Okay, that makes it look even more awesome.

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