A little change of pace

Due to an ill-advised experiment last night, the Bartender has found herself temporarily without much taste for alcohol.  (Note to self:  Never, ever combine rum and diet cola again.  Ever.)  While hardly a problem in her day-to-day life, this makes writing posts for a cocktail blog a little tricky.  Let us hope that it proves to only be a temporary setback.

For the moment, however, a friend has come to the rescue, pointing the Bartender to a video from none other than CNN’s Rachel Maddow, demonstrating one of her favorite cocktails.  The Bartender has never tried a Jack Rose, but while she cannot completely approve of the use of artificial grenadine, she appreciates the attitude toward mixology shown here, both in its seriousness (“Measure.  You owe it to the liquor.”) and in the fun, seat-of-your-pants aspect as well.

Enjoy, and pray for the Bartender’s swift recovery!

Thanks to Cyrano for the link.

About Ambrosia Rose

Professional drinker, blogger, storyteller, and critic. With a healthy dollop of sarcastic wit on the side.

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